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  • A.Kumsal Tekirdag-Kosar Ph.D.

    A.Kumsal Tekirdag-Kosar Ph.D.

    I am a researcher, writer, mental health advocate, immigrant, and mother. jack of all trades, master of none. www.aysekumsaltekirdagkosar.com

  • Ömer Uslu

    Ömer Uslu

  • chaitu ekanadham

    chaitu ekanadham

  • Simone Woods

    Simone Woods

    Writer (of creative and non-fiction words), former-scientist (of the cancer cell biology variety), and mother. Read more www.lifeinspirationfile.com

  • Meta


    Meta is a free research discovery tool from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, providing a faster way to understand and explore science through personalized feeds.

  • Banu Dincer Gebelek

    Banu Dincer Gebelek

  • Jennifer Janechek

    Jennifer Janechek

    Writer, editor, and lecturer in rhetoric and disability studies.

  • Deniz Gözler Özenç

    Deniz Gözler Özenç

    Academia-philic. Blogger. Mom. Yogi. Ex-Foucauldian Social Media Strategist, @scocomtr. Founder & Editor, @budamedyacom. Author, @istanbulPlaces.

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